The English Language Department offers a myriad of programs and opportunities for students of all ages. Through the special relationships that Perfection has developed with local and international universities, Perfection students have access to resources such as worksheets, assessment tests and certificates from around the world. Perfection teachers apply the latest teaching methods and techniques including the use of audio-visual aids and the Internet. Students are encouraged to make use of the library resources and are given a chance to practice their English through extracurricular activities such as English field trips, in which students receive practical exposure to real life experiences. Upper level students have the opportunity to take part in 'Be a STAR' drama classes conducted by trained drama teachers and on graduation day professors from the Universities awarding the certificate come to present Diplomas to the students. The invaluable combination of lectures, in-class and Internet exercises and hands-on life experiences makes Perfection English language department the success it is. Perfection Training Academy offers the following English language programmes:

The Young Learners English (YLE) programme caters to primary school students aged between five and twelve and there are three main levels of assessment: Starters, Enrichment and Excel. The central aim of this programme is to give students the confidence to speak and write English in day-to-day communication and to help them to score well on English language exams for school examinations. The syllabus incorporates elements from local, Singapore and British English language syllabuses and uses creative methods and techniques to make learning more effective and fun. Students are taught correct pronunciation and intonation and are tested on their level of comprehension through mock exams bases on samples of UPSR examinations. Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through regular parents’ conferences. Upon completion of the course students are awarded with a certificate.

Course Duration: six months, 3 hours/lesson, once weekly, or 1 ½ hour/ lesson, twice weekly, depending on the course and level.

English With a Vision (EV) programme caters to secondary school students between the ages of thirteen and eighteen and there are six main levels of assessment: Beginners, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. The central aims in this programme are to prepare students for major exams such as PMR and SPM and for their future careers, to improve communication and writing skills for daily use, and to help to further the educational experience for students going on to local or foreign colleges/universities. Throughout the course students are given mock exams based on specimen Pitman, TOEFL and GCE 'O' Level examinations. As an extension of the curriculum all students participate in an English study trip, which includes on-site assignments pertaining to the trip. Students also participate in student led conferences and in practical workshops such as Public Speaking, Speed Reading, Time Management and Dining Etiquette. Personal one to one Educational Counselling sessions are available for all levels and students have access to a Multi Media Lab with English assisted programmes for individual speed learning. Upon completion of the course students are awarded with certificates: local certificate or overseas certificate.

The Diploma English programme caters to students who have completed secondary school (over the age of eighteen) and those pursuing college and university studies. There are two main levels of assessment: Lower Diploma English and Higher Diploma English. The central aims of this programme are to prepare students for studies in English at the college and university level, improve opportunities for career advancement by perfecting their use of an international language, improving public speaking abilities, and teaching student to conduct themselves well in business situations. Lessons and exams are conducted via the Internet and part-time evening classes are available to allow students greater flexibility balancing work and school schedules. Video taped lessons from the U.K. and the incorporation of English literature into the curriculum provide students with a more in-depth and well-rounded understanding of the language. Students are given personal evaluation every two months and throughout the course students are given mock exams based on specimen Pitman & TOEFL examination papers so students are regularly updated on their progress.

Course Duration: four months, 3 hours/lesson, once weekly, or 1 ½ hour/ lesson, twice weekly, depending on the course and level.

Other English programmes include Career English, Communicative English, Business English, Business Writing Skills, Spoken Presentation Skills and TOEFL/IELTS/MUET practices for college, university or working adults and professionals.

Perfection is also offering English as a Second Language (ESL) programme designed especially for foreigners visiting, working or living in Malaysia. These classes will focus on improving communication skills (listening/speaking, reading/writing) with extra emphasis placed on conversation practice.